The Wittenberg Center for Alternative Resources Inc

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The Wittenberg Center For Alternative Resources is a publicly supported, non-profit organization which brings environmental, spiritual and indigenous leaders together with policy makers for the purpose of creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

Buy Pfizer shares The Wittenberg Center is accredited as an international non-governmental organization with consultative status at the United Nations. Our purpose is to facilitate a bridging of ancient wisdom with contemporary life.


We are committed to serving the vision of a world where people of all faiths, traditions and colors can come together with mutual regard and where the words of the traditional wisdomkeepers of the Earth are heard and respected.


The Center is committed to creating forums for the dissemination of information on Earth awareness, indigenous cultures, technology and personal and planetary transformation. Since 1989 the Center has facilitated numerous events and programs. We invite you to learn more about them under History.

Now, at this critical time, with a depleted ozone layer, polluted air, earth and waterways, it is imperative that we listen to the wisdom of those traditions which have historically walked in balance with the Earth.

invest in Pfizer shares Before it is too late for all our children, and all our relations, we need to recognize the importance of sacred sites, religious freedom and cultural diversity.


Tax deductible donations are always appreciated.

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We are all children of the same mother, the Mother Earth. We can learn to practice our unique ways of life and religious traditions, with mutual respect and tolerance. This propitious time offers us both choice and promise. All of our voices make a difference. The time is now.


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